søndag 29. september 2013


 Spain, Greece, Norway and Italy in the background

Nice crowd. Fun to see people in the house.

Irene Ikdal from the Vest-Agder Fylkeskommune gives a talk on Europe and the cultural situation. Behind her 'Uncontrolled areas'

Terje Dragseth and Peter van Lier read the poem of the latter, Do not bend. They are standing before Ireland and Great Britain.

Terje Dragseth and Machteld van Buren before 'Uncontrolled areas'

 Ireland in the background

Machteld, me and Irene

Søgne bygdekor, or for the rest of this year Stemmekoret, the Voice/Vote-choir, sang 'Din tanke er fri', Your thoughts are free, Alf Cranner.

Terje Dragseth performing his poem Circus Norwegen in English, translated by Annabelle Despard. In the background the artworks 'Uncontrolled areas'.

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