søndag 30. november 2014


Forgjengelighet, mørkets kontrast til lyset, det dystre og det lekne samt et oppgjør med tingenes tilstand.

Photos courtesy  Kinga  Kovacs.


Abusland utforsker kontrastene vi finner i tilværelsen. Tingene som de er eller kunne ha vært, eller tingene som man helst ville ha kvittet seg med. Hva er egentlig perfekt og hva er mislykket?


 Hva er det vi vil ha og hvordan finner vi det? I rommet mellom mørke og lys finner skyggene sin plass. Disse skyggene kan huse hemmeligheter eller kanskje en trygg havn.


Det synlige og det usynlige spiller et spill om hemmeligheter og skygger som kommer ut i lyset og faktisk blir usynlige.


Vi inviterer til opplevelse og aktivitet, eller hvis det er å foretrekke, kun kontemplasjon.




Photos by StudioLL  



fredag 10. oktober 2014


Friday night we had the pleasure of hosting the opening of TheMoen’s one-month long exhibition Eye Candy here at arteriet. The pieces on display show TheMoen’s versatile talent, both when it comes to the genre and material of his art and his exhibition truly fulfills the promise of the title. (All photo's made by Virag Toth. Text by Irene Strandenes)

The intricacy of his drawings makes it hard to step away from them as one is left looking for even more secrets and details within them, and the colorful paintings draw us in with all their brightness.

Also on display were several figures made of pumice stone that had been found in the Lumber area, a sweet reminder that art is all around us if we only go looking for it.

It was also a treat to have the recently recovered “Narkobildet” (The Drug Picture) on display, a painting that was stolen from his studio 12 years ago, and thus carries secrets from that time and journey that we may never know of.

Attendance on Friday was good and really the perfect amount, as it left space for the guests to be able to take in all the art without feeling too crowded. All seemed to have an enjoyable time, with nice company and conversations, refreshments and let us not forget about the delicious soup. It was a wonderful night.

mandag 25. august 2014

RÆGE | Lasse Årikstad

The exhibition of Lasse Årikstad was preceded by a period of a month where the artist spent time working in the gallery as if it were his own work-shop.

We were thrilled to exhibit Årikstad here, but of course we asked ourselves if it had been a wise decision to let him take over the fort. Luckily our worries were not grounded on anything but fear of losing control. Here are some nice views from the opening , which turned out to be a really pleasant party. (Photo's made by our co-worker Virag Toth)

Finally we proudly present the photo's made by our colleagues here at Lumber, StudioLL: