tirsdag 29. januar 2013

In the Sørnett paper!

We had a very nice chat on monday with two very polite and curious gentlemen from GImlekollen mediasenter. They made this story on arteriet.


mandag 28. januar 2013

Åpning av arteriet: fotokavalkade

Hammer and nails before the first visitors arrive. Hammer og spiker i siste runde før publikum kommer. Hans Bentsens arbeider i bakgrunnen.

Nienke came all the way from Groningen just to be a part of the show! Nienke kom helt fra Groningen for  å få med åpningen! Zoltin Peeter i bakgrunnen.

A little carrot-cake-work of art, or actually an enormous one, very scrumpteous as well!! VEldig veldig deilig gulrotkake med logo!!

mer folk, more people.

The guys from Livesending looking at TheMoen.  Gutta fra Livesending ser på 'Mot Eg' av TheMoen. (Den ble forresten solgt i går)

An overview. Oversikt!

Thanking for the trust of the artists. And the help of designbureau Figuru for design and webpage as well as Aslaug Steenfor making the wonderful frames! Takker kunsnterne for tilliten, Figuru for design og nettbutikk, og Aslaug Steen for nydelige innramminger!

Instrumentet til Atle Pakusch Gundersen.

'How to kill country and western', a composition by Atle Pakusch Gundersen. Machteld van Buren i bakgrunnen.

Art consultant from the province, Irene Ikdal gives the opening speech. arteriet is officially open. As well as www.arteriet.no. Irene Ikdal fra Vest-Agder Fylkeskommune innleder utstillingen og åpner galleriet. Det er offisielt! Også nettbutikken www.arteriet.no er herved åpnet!

People listening attentively. Folk som lytter.

Got flowers! Fikk blomster!

Mange blomster.

Looking at one of the heads made by Michael Rieu. Artist to the left. Her ser man på ett av hodene til Michael Rieu. Kunstneren til venstre.

Goodies in the corner! Mye moro i hjørnet.

Other colleagues at Lumber.
Andre hyggelige kollegaer på Lumber.

arteriet er offisielt åpnet. Du kan bestille kunst på www.arteriet.no. Galleriet på Lumber51 er åpen fra onsdag til søndag fra 12 til 16. Det er bare å komme innom på Lumberveien 51k, send en e-post til marianne@arteriet.no eller ring for en avtale.

lørdag 26. januar 2013

Flowery opening

A little flowery greeting from Lumber AS where we rent our gallery room is cheering us on. We are very excited about tomorrow, and hopefully there will be lots of people coming through the snow to see all the great art at arteriet. There will be a little musical introduction, a speech which opens the gallery, and then we will celebrate with a lovely cake with our logo on!! Welcome tomorrow sunday 27th of january at 15:00 to Lumberveien 51k, 4621 Kristiansand.

En liten hilsen fra Lumber AS som vi leier hos står og heier på oss. Vi gleder oss veldig til i morgen. Forhåpentligvis er det masse folk som kommer gjennom snøføyka for å sjekke den utrolig bra kunsten hos arteriet. Vi får et lite musikalsk innslag av Atle Pakusch Gundersen, en åpningstale av Irene Ikdal, og derette en nydelig kake med logoen på. Velkommen imorgen 27. januar klokken 15:00 til Lumberveien 51k, 4621 Kristiansand.

mandag 21. januar 2013

Presenting Jan Loman

Jan Loman in his house in Beetsterzwaag, Klaas Gubbels on the right, and the rest is recent work of his round 2004.

At the Kunstruimte Wagemans in Beetsterzwaag. We have to find out which silk prints from the Norway series are left to bring back to Norway. Each print have a geographical location from Norway. Behind fred you see Henk Peeters cowskin tableau. To the left Jan Frank and his Kissingers glasses painting. In the middle I honestly have forgot which artist.

Here on display with in the background, behind Fred,  the mudpaintings by Kaneli And Smit. These paintings are inspired by the Wad-sea, which leads me back to the engagement of Jan Loman. In the sixties he was one of the initiators of the association for the protection of the Wad. Here under the logo which he designed then. He ended up designing a whole lot of them logos for the Danish Wad-Associations as well.

Now his whole Norway serie is represented at arteriet. If you want a piece of Otra or Alta  in your home, do come and have a look!

søndag 20. januar 2013

Kjølsrud 2.0 in Buen, Mandal

I got the privilege by SKMU of guiding for the Kjølsrud-exhibition in Mandal. They have this new cultural centre, at the wharf, which also includes concert hall, library, cinema, cafe and art gallery. If for nothing else but the architecture, wordt a ride! Iow, a * in this blog´s personal Michelin-guide.

The curator at the SKMU, Karl Olav Segrov Mortensen, built up a very tasty sculptural scenery in the gallery using all but one sculpture from their Kjølsrud-collection.

Here we see 'Acrobats', the typically cubist featured playful sculpture.

And here, 'African Master' all alone in the corner in a much more abstract language. This sculpture was for a long time in Kristiansand used as a gift for the yearly cultural prize.

As a novelty to the Kjølsrud-stuff I thought I'd include some of his teachers' works. Here one of Hasaas' work from the time right after the war I guess. Anyway that is when Kjølsrud took classes with him in Kristiansand. This work belongs to the Flekkefjord Kunstforening.

This work is by Chrix Dahl. Neither this reeks of originality for that time, but has some interesting use of charicatural lines.

Einar Utzon-Frank was his teacher in Copenhagen. Quite different than where Kjølsrud ended up himself, stylewise. Forgot to photograph his own sculpture of a baby's head. Must show you his own version! By the way, Utzon-Frank was the uncle of the renown architect Jørn Utzon. The designer of the Sidney Opera House.

Here the baby's head of Kjølsrud. An extraordinarily expressive version (?) maybe of Utzon-Frank's head here above.

Per Palle Storm and his followers decided the leading naturalistic style in sculptural Norway till at least the sixties. Might this be the reason that Kjølsrud's abstract ways were not tolerated? Anyway his only kindred artist-spirit when it comes to abstraction, might have been Aase Texmon Rygh with her industrial minimalism.

onsdag 16. januar 2013

Welcome to the opening

arteriet åpner dørene søndag 27.januar 2013 kl. 15:00.
Musikalsk innslag ved Atle Pakusch Gundersen og åpning av galleri ved Irene Ikdal, kunstkonsulent ved Vest-Agder fylkeskommune.
Adresse er Lumberveien 51k, 4621 Kristiansand. www.arteriet.no, telefon: 98863975. Utstillingen varer til søndag 17. februar.
Åpningstider er onsdag – søndag fra 12:00 til 16:00.
Verk av Hans Bentsen, Machteld van Buren, Jan Loman, TheMoen, Zoltin Peeter, Michael Rieu, Grete Swahn og Sigrid Thorbjørnsen

søndag 13. januar 2013

Two recent happenings

Else Marie Jakobsens 'Krig og Fred'. (War and Peace)

Idem, 'Levd Liv' (lived life)

Saturday at Agder Kunstsenter. Harald Sødal from the city cultural commission and Irene Ikdal from the provincial cultural office introduced the book on the artists life 'Levd Liv, Vevd Liv' by Janne Leithe. Jakobsen rcently passed away, but luckily got the chance to see the result of the book project that started last year with an overview of her œuvre. Here above two major works of the artist.

 Here the book. Now go get it!

Then later in the evening we went for an opening at the Kristiansand Kunsthall. Four artists and three exhibitions.

Here you see Rus Mesics work, circle of words in Serbo-Croatian. I must find out the meaning. Very pleasing, and reminds one of the work of Richard Long. Although the latter is the foregoing figure of landscape art, the former, Mesic, can be seen as more of a cultural landscape artist. Maybe?

 South Bank Circle by Richard Long. Found in the Tate Gallery collection in Liverpool.

More works of Mesic, the picture postcards from different parts of the world, showing picture perfect touris attractions, but then with holes punched through the images.

Kunsthall director Cecilie Nissen standing in front of the Chocolate painting by Anna Ring. Very inspiring. Chocolate being full of antioxidants and healthy in small dosage, although we are not allowed to have a nibble. The shape and massivity of it is very exciting, and reminds me of the impression I had of Olafur Eliassons Weather Project ten years ago in the Tate Modern.

Olafur Eliassons The Weather Project at Tate Modern.

Hans Jacob Magnus works in Kristiansand, and that makes me very excited. Need to check out more of this painterly expression!

Borghild Rudjord Unneland here explores the balance between the stone, the chair and the kitchen towel. With the background painting quite intriguing. There must be something tricky between the chair and the towel though...

Another nice exhibition with some triggering of thoughts and welcoming references that make you feel you want to go see it again. The art might not change your world, but will make ones life in it more pleasant.

mandag 7. januar 2013

Gettin' started

We have a new(ly) polished sign in front of the door. Shiny, full of expectations!

Michael Rieu working on one of his necessary artists expertise: putting up a tight canvas

Not for the painting this time the canvas is, but for the tempering of the sharp artificial light. Just as they did at the Stedelijk museum Amsterdam. We feel deeply connected!

lørdag 5. januar 2013

Retrospective: Kunstruimte Wagemans in 2003

Eja Siepman van den Berg sculptures and Shuzo Achuki Gulliver

Machteld van buren at exhibition at Maupertuus

Jan Loman at his own house

Fred Ros at Maupertuus

Schiefer at Maupertuus

Barbara Wijnveld at Kunstruimte Wagemans

Maarten vanden Eynde, Tortura ex Machina, exhibition in the old schoolhouse Beetsterzwaag, now the new Kunstruimte Wagemans.