mandag 21. januar 2013

Presenting Jan Loman

Jan Loman in his house in Beetsterzwaag, Klaas Gubbels on the right, and the rest is recent work of his round 2004.

At the Kunstruimte Wagemans in Beetsterzwaag. We have to find out which silk prints from the Norway series are left to bring back to Norway. Each print have a geographical location from Norway. Behind fred you see Henk Peeters cowskin tableau. To the left Jan Frank and his Kissingers glasses painting. In the middle I honestly have forgot which artist.

Here on display with in the background, behind Fred,  the mudpaintings by Kaneli And Smit. These paintings are inspired by the Wad-sea, which leads me back to the engagement of Jan Loman. In the sixties he was one of the initiators of the association for the protection of the Wad. Here under the logo which he designed then. He ended up designing a whole lot of them logos for the Danish Wad-Associations as well.

Now his whole Norway serie is represented at arteriet. If you want a piece of Otra or Alta  in your home, do come and have a look!

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