søndag 13. januar 2013

Two recent happenings

Else Marie Jakobsens 'Krig og Fred'. (War and Peace)

Idem, 'Levd Liv' (lived life)

Saturday at Agder Kunstsenter. Harald Sødal from the city cultural commission and Irene Ikdal from the provincial cultural office introduced the book on the artists life 'Levd Liv, Vevd Liv' by Janne Leithe. Jakobsen rcently passed away, but luckily got the chance to see the result of the book project that started last year with an overview of her œuvre. Here above two major works of the artist.

 Here the book. Now go get it!

Then later in the evening we went for an opening at the Kristiansand Kunsthall. Four artists and three exhibitions.

Here you see Rus Mesics work, circle of words in Serbo-Croatian. I must find out the meaning. Very pleasing, and reminds one of the work of Richard Long. Although the latter is the foregoing figure of landscape art, the former, Mesic, can be seen as more of a cultural landscape artist. Maybe?

 South Bank Circle by Richard Long. Found in the Tate Gallery collection in Liverpool.

More works of Mesic, the picture postcards from different parts of the world, showing picture perfect touris attractions, but then with holes punched through the images.

Kunsthall director Cecilie Nissen standing in front of the Chocolate painting by Anna Ring. Very inspiring. Chocolate being full of antioxidants and healthy in small dosage, although we are not allowed to have a nibble. The shape and massivity of it is very exciting, and reminds me of the impression I had of Olafur Eliassons Weather Project ten years ago in the Tate Modern.

Olafur Eliassons The Weather Project at Tate Modern.

Hans Jacob Magnus works in Kristiansand, and that makes me very excited. Need to check out more of this painterly expression!

Borghild Rudjord Unneland here explores the balance between the stone, the chair and the kitchen towel. With the background painting quite intriguing. There must be something tricky between the chair and the towel though...

Another nice exhibition with some triggering of thoughts and welcoming references that make you feel you want to go see it again. The art might not change your world, but will make ones life in it more pleasant.

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