søndag 20. oktober 2013

Sigrid Thorbjørnsen Solo

First serie of Washi prints is being scrutinised by the visitors. These prints are from a one month stay in Vadsø by the artist. She consecutively left for Tokyo to make the first serie of Washi prints. These came out, after several days of testdriving the poor printer.

Being dependant on  own printingmaterial, the size does matter. Beginning with small prints on heavier Washi paper prepares one for other greater challenges later.

These prints are from the Setesdal serie on Washi paper. Photographed in traditional style family portrait photography, they refer to our typical ideas of national romantic identity.

Artist and gallerist, flower moment.

Meeting an ol' printing-colleague at the opening brings back fond memories. Bit busy in different departments, and both passionate about printing.

Another Washi moment. The thin layers almost make the photographs live their own lives.

Browsing through the Sasakawa foundation material. This foundation made a substantial subsidy towards the artist and her project to explore the Washi paper possibilities combined with the exploration of her relationship with Norwegian culture.


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