torsdag 6. desember 2012

Visiting Friesland and Zoltin Peeter

The Frisian people are said to be just as blunt as the Groninger, although I have to say that never did I get so many cups of coffee offered as in those two provinces, during my whole life. The amount could maybe only be compared to the countless offers of yerba mate that was offered me while I stayed in Argentina and Southern Chile.

Traveling north-west from Groningen, direction Friesland, knowing the road by heart, these are the lights and the clouds and what I do honestly miss from my time in the north of this country. That horizon, that air, the crispness.

The rune-text says: Think of me, I think of you. Care for me, I care for you.

Zoltin Peeter lives just south of Hallum and west for Bartelhiem. I come an hour late due to road works and bad navigation skills. Coffee is ready, and the art is great.

What I always found and find so charming about the works of Zoltin is his fascination as well as hard and honest work with the themes around Norway and Iceland, and the polarcircle. Every year, he and his tent take the trip to those two countries, collecting inspiration for a year of work.

Living in an enormous farmhouse with a barn as a summer atelier, he can have a permanent exhibition.

Combining business with pleasure, or actually business and business with pleasure this time. Trying to sell a house in crisis-struck Netherlands is like swimming in syrup, and that was the main goal of my trip this time. But the fun part is that I get to visit my friends in the North of Netherland, combining the visits again with business: taking with me works of art home with me to my new gallery in Kristiansand, Norway. I just cannot wait to show people what treasures I brought with me!

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