mandag 10. desember 2012

With Tsjalling in Groningen

Visiting a gallery owner in Groningen. Virtually i am now a colleague of his. We did the Art and Art Policy Master together at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. He promptly after started his art gallery in the center of Groningen, while I continued with education and projects in schools. nice to meet under these circumstances. Also nice to have someone to call for a quick advice on gallerymatters!!

His exhibition 'Shifting Technicalities' shows a turn in his focus. From being more directed towards drawings he here turns to the painters. This time Niels Broszat, Niek Hendrix and Jenny Wilson.

Here a few snapshots from the exhibition

Studying 'Monkey King' by Broszat.

Niek Hendrix, and alas I  forgot the title. It is oil on canvas though, not just pieces of folded paper.

Wishing Tsjalling at Gallerie With Tsjalling the best of luck! I will surely bother him when I get the necessary hiccups here at my own Arteriet!

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