søndag 25. mai 2014


Jenny Wilson's (1982, GB) and Erlend Larsen's (1975, NO) duo exhibition "SMEUÏG / FYLDIG TØRR / DROOG" (RICH / DRY) gives a chance to see how contrasts give dynamism. Seeing one after the other Wilson's dense, rich, liquidlike abstractions (make us as we could almost go inside a colourful calchedony) and Larsen's sensitive lines and writing-drawing pictures on dry surfaces can give us a sensation of moving inside-outside same as life pulses. If not enough dynamism Larsen shows an other side of his art. His Playmate broideries give a special piquantery to the exhibition.

Jenny Wilson

Erlend Larsen

Ready for the opening

Explaining dynamic

Conversations DRY/RICH

Feeling good

More conversations

Erlend Larsen with his Playmate broderies

J.W.: 'Painting is a way seeking a Liquid Visual Order'

 E.L.: 'Start from nothing, continue and do it good'

See you at arteriet!

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