mandag 17. februar 2014

Group exhibition
opening 14.02.2014

Anne Kathrine Solbakken, Claire Smith, Irene Myran, Johan Otto Weisser, Machteld van Buren
Michael Rieu, Nar Jensen, TheMoen. 

Eight very different artists but still have something in common.

They do not take themselves severely serious although they are seeking after answers for essential questions in life. Playfulness, gags, exaggeration, the importance of patterns, striking colours but used in very personal ways. 


Encounter in front of Machteld van Buren’s Lassie. 
MANY curious visitors.

TheMoen was staying at the back the whole time but his work stands out.

Conversation with Nar Jensen at one is his works.

Detail of Nar Jensen’s painting.

MUCH to say about the MANY.

Anne Kathrine Solbakken’s complex drawing claims a closer look.

Impressed by Irene Myran’s textil work.

Detail of Johan Otto Weisser's work.

Johan Otto Weisser interpreting his flowers.

Michael Rieu’s figures.

MUCH to talk, MUCH to share. 

Detail of Claire Smith's painting.
Something is happening at Claire Smith’s painting.
Beautiful detail of Machteld van Buren’s painting.

The exhibition is open til 12th April 2014.

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