fredag 13. februar 2015


Text by Irene Strandenes Photos by Naysa Andrade

13.2 - 15.3 2015

Friday February 13, arteriet had the honor of hosting the opening of Marianne Lund’s exhibition Bright Green and Other Colors


Lund is a local architect and artist who has years worth of experience behind her. Part of what is exciting about this exhibit, is that she has moved beyond her signature pencil drawings to also create wonderful, and also larger, works of bright and beautiful oil colors.


As the title indicates, the color green is prominent in the exhibition, but yellow, orange and red are also very much present. The works all come nicely together and complement each other.  

In a pre-show interview with Fædrelandsvennen, she explains a little bit about her process and end results, and how her starting point is drawing or painting lines. Lines that will never be straight as she does not use a ruler, lines that she builds upon, and thus wavy, intricate patterns emerge.

 In the article she lets us know that it is the human body’s inadequacy that is being expressed, and she also reveals that silence and solitude are important elements to her work process.


The opening night started with a presentation by gallery owner Marianne Laukvik, before visitors started roaming free to take it all in. 

The meticulous work and the details of it are so that one find oneself captivated in front of each one of the pictures looking for even more to discover. 


The crowd was happy and appreciative of the exhibition, enjoying a glass of wine or juice – and of course, the soup. The soup is always delicious.  
Bright Green and Other Colors runs through March 15.

(To read the article, go to For open access link, go through arteriet’s Facebook page at

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